No Stores, Just Brownies

Caramel Addiction Brownies are baked by hand, from scratch, and delivered right to you. These are not your mass-made-in-a-factory-style brownies. These brownies are painstakingly baked and built daily, by one person. That's it. Directly serving the Phoenix Metro Area and shipping to anyone in the Continental United States of America.

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Hand Crafted

It takes two days to make Caramel Addiction Brownies. First is the Caramel, which is made from scratch; then it is delicately wrapped into a delicious chocolate brownie.

No Preservatives

Everything in this gourmet brownie is preservative-free, and has been made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Okay, maybe we put a little "love" into every batch. You're welcome.


Caramel Addiction Brownies have been in development for over 15 years. We've put every crumb up for testing to make sure they are the most amazing thing you've ever wrapped your lips around.

Award Winning

Accolades come from the Best of Arizona (ABC 15 AZ), SugarLoco, and even professional athletes.

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